MDE evangelist by nature, convinced by Models Centric Approach, I use in an intensive way the tools of modelings and generations since 2000 year.

After used AndroMDA, I created my own tool PragMaTic in order to offer a more flexible solution and more simpler to apprehend. And to finish, Acceleo appeared in the Open-Source landscape !

Convinced by the power of this new platform, and the dynamism of Acceleo Team, I decided to join this community. I rewrote with ease the majority of my generators towards this platform. I appreciate the richness of documentation, as well as the quality of integration to the Eclipse platform. I use Topcased and Acceleo for UML2 modeling & generation. I also use it to generate code from DSL, but i prefer usage of concrete syntax (see TCS) than graphic modeler like GMF.