At the moment I am working on a new eclipse project creation wizard to facilitate collaborative development of business services. The goal is provide a default project layout, with basic UML model, and pre-configured build system. I use Topcased for UML modeling and the JEE Spring Acceleo module to generate source code.

And I'm interesting to configure a dependency manager. But i'm not really satisfied by Maven, because is too unstable... (I plan to explain my point of view in another post)

Thus, I began to explore several alternatives. I think I will go on a solution based on Apache Ivy!

Indeed, after reading and testing EasyAnt Proof Of Concept, here I am fan. I advise you to read the following post on Xavier's Weblog, the creator of Ivy.

I like Ivy because it is easy to use and very powerful, and it provides a plug eclipse IvyDE which is really nice and very practical!

Tonight, I decided to make a modest participation in the project by creating a dependency view that allows you to view the dependencies graph. I was inspired by source code of the Q4E Maven plugin. I discovered the Eclipse Zest Apis, it's a marvel to make layouting, the result below :-)