After the next release announcement here of the excellent Spring Dynamic Modules (Spring OSGi), Spring Source announce the new Application Server based on OSGi (on Spring-DM). It based on the Eclipse Equinox and Apache Tomcat technologies. It's very good news, this further confirms the position of Spring as a same level of IBM, Oracle/BEA, JBoss...

I think OSGi technology is the best to build next generation of enterprise application !

Announcements :

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Many interesting blog post :

introducing-the-springsource-application-platform completing-the-picture-spring-osgi-and-the-springsource-application-platform running-spring-applications-on-osgi-with-the-springsource-application-platform programmer-guide application-platform-deployment-options

Also, Spring source continues its development in france ... perhaps soon training and support to french around Spring Application Platform. Two in interviews of Julien here :

  • on TV4IT :

  • on ArchitectesIT here