SpringOne 2008

SpringOne coming soon, I'm impatient!

I made a first difficult choice because there is many interesting topics :

  • Day One
    • Keynote by Rod Johnson
    • Spring 2.5 on the Way to 3.0 by Juergen Hoeller
    • OSGi Programming Model by Adrian Colyer
    • Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi by Costin Leau
    • Five Aspects You Don't Know About by Alef Arendsen
    • Enterprise Integration Patterns with Spring by Mark Fisher
  • Day Two
    • Keynote by Adrian Colyer
    • Introduction to the Springsource Application Platform by Andy Wilkinson
    • Applying the Spring Frameworks for Model-Driven Architecture by Jan Ypma
    • Inside SpringSource Application Platform by Rob Harrop
    • Classloading in OSGi by Frederik Santens or JavaServerFaces - The Biggest Loser of Java Web Frameworks? by Jeremy Grelle
    • Spring Architecture and Best Practices by Eberhard Wolff or Spring Web Flow 2.0 Deep Dive by Keith Donald

The "Applying the Spring Frameworks for Model-Driven Architecture" session will provide an opportunity to exchange around the Spring Acceleo module :-)