I have been within Obeo for almost one month now. As expected, it is crazy, and exciting!

Exciting for several reasons, first because it's a new job with new challenges, and then for the followings:

  • Working at home: I begin my fifth year of work at home, with zero transport time, no tie.

I like this way of working! It's an ideal way to reconcile family life and work, we will see it when my son/daughter will be born in February :)

  • Working on Open-Source softwares: Some of you know that I have been working for the Hervé Group as Project Manager, and lately for Argia-Engineering as CTO. This latest experience was focused on software architecture, and scalability design of big e-commerce platform and MDA consulting,...

As I am an intensive user of Open standards and Open-source softwares such as GNU/Linux, Apache, Tomcat, Java, PostgreSQL, Spring, Eclipse, Ant, Ivy, Hudson,... I think that Open-Source must a win-win model. Thus, I am an active contributor to mailing-list, forum, documentation, experience sharing , bug reporting, or even more source code contribution. It is this approach that led me to interest me to severals Open-Source project like Acceleo, on which I contributed actively and became commiter. This great diving phase in the Open-Source world offers me an opportunity to capitalize in depth experience. As shifting to the Open source world became obvious in my mind, Moving to Obeo was a great opportunity for me!

Since one month, I am pleased to work on a new big Open-Source project : the new UML2 the new UML2 modeler hosted by Eclipse Foundation called Eclipse Papyrus . This big rebuild of Papyrus project (http://papyrusuml.org) is aimed at integrating several contributions on a solid and flexible BackBone. In this project, Standards is another important point, we want support and respect 100% of the OMG standards. In the first sprint to give a first version of code source for the IPZilla incubation process, we focused on implementing the Class Diagram. Thus I discover and start to use the Graphical Modeling Framework (see the first screenshot of this collective work) to improve Class Diagram:

Eclipse Papyrus Class Diagram

I promise you to communicate about this on this blog!

Yesterday, it was the Acceleo JEE Module Sprint'08. It was an opportunity to meet members of the community and define the roadmap of this module. It was as deep dive meeting, we worked on severals tracks by small team. And you can see the Minute here.

In the coming months, i think meet some famous Eclipse committers like Ed Merks,Tom Schindl,... and participate to important event like Solution Linux, eclipse DemoCamp, maybe Eclipse Summit Europe or EclipseCon ...

  • Working in an innovative and visionary team: I met the team consists of thirty persons including 4 project leaders and 8 official commiters on Eclipse projects: ATL, QVT, MTL, M2M, EMF-Compare, STP, SCA-Tools, ...

And I discovered the offer of Obeo. I known Acceleo since two or three years ago, it's a very cool technology. But it's only a portion of the Iceberg. I enjoyed to discover a big Model Driven Platform called Agility. It can help you to build complete software factories and migration factories. It provide very impressive features!

In conclusion, I just invite you to take a look to Obeo and contact me if you have any question about product portfolio.