Since six month ago, I have been within Obeo in order to work on Model Driven technologies. Indeed I manage Obeo's contributions to the Eclipse Papyrus project.

During this period I worked on the Papyrus to improve wizards, properties views and the usability of class Diagram. I'm also participated to the preparation of the IP Process checking.

Since one month, The source code of Papyrus was hosted on Eclipse SVN repository here.Eclipse Foundation Member

And Now, since Tuesday, I'm proud to announce that I have been nominated Eclipse Commiter for Eclipse Papyrus project! It is a great honor in my hacker's life :) And I will put best efforts to provide quality contributions.

Also I will talk about my work on Eclipse Papyrus project or other Eclipse technologies on this Blog or on my Twitter Micro-Blog (Don't hesitate to follow me!).

After this news, I commited my first official contribution as a commiter #263431. I refactored the Papyrus Outline and implemented a first version of the Model Explorer view in order allow the navigation in resources, model and diagrams. This view is based on the powerful Common Navigator Framework (aka CNF) :

The result here :


More screenshots on the Papyrus Wiki.

CNF is very generic and extensive framework. Indeed, it allow to provide with the eclipse extension mechanism:

  • content providers,
  • label providers,
  • filters,
  • actions,
  • sorters

I read some great articles to learn the CNF :